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16 months – 3 Years

Half Day – 8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Full Day – 8:30 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.

It Starts with the Toddlers

Countryside’s world-class academic experience begins as early as 16 months old! Young though they may be, toddlers are already exploring the world around them and establishing their place in it. Our teachers respect this natural desire to learn, explore and interact by giving each child lessons one-on-one based on his interests, or in small groups which allows children to build their understanding of social interactions as well.

Day in the life of a Toddler

Children in the toddler class spend their time developing themselves by building their vocabularies through language work, growing in independence by learning to dress and bake and developing physical strength, and becoming more confident by learning how to take of themselves and one another.


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Program Details

The toddler teacher’s special Montessori training prepares her to work with children under 3 years old, creating the best possible environment for them. She selects all of the materials in the class to appeal specifically to such young children. During orientation visits to the classroom, the toddler and her parents become acquainted with the teacher and the classroom.

When a toddler enters this program, she may already have learned something about getting along with her parents and grandparents and with an older or younger sibling. The toddler class is often her first opportunity to be with other children her own age.

The toddler will learn to take off his coat and hat and hang them up by himself. He will learn to put them back on as well! The toddler will learn how to put on an apron for water activities, open a napkin, pass plates, prepare a snack, and clean up afterward. Many toddlers become toilet-trained before they leave the toddler environment.

The toddler quickly learns the names of his teacher and his classmates. He learns to talk with the other children about the activities of the classroom. His vocabulary grows to include words such as up, down, under, over, large, small, far, near, and the seasons of the year. He learns the names for foods, clothing, and animals.

The toddler learns to handle the materials in the classroom with care and to put activities back on the shelves when he is finished. He develops the patience to wait if another child is working with materials he wants to use. Toddlers learn appropriate language for functioning in a group such as “excuse me,” “please,” and “thank you.”


Toddler Curriculum

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A World-Class Academic Program Grounded in the Development of Character

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