After School Enrichment Opportunities For CMS Students

Countryside students have a variety of After School Enrichment opportunities. In addition to what is listed below, CMS students also participate in sports and programs through Maple Middle School.

Sign up per session or all year.

  • Fall (F): September to December
  • Winter (W): January to March
  • Spring (S): April to May
  • Sign up online. Go to school calendar- September. Must have funds in escrow.
  • Specific dates and prices available on the calendar.

Pre-K/Kindergarten ASE

MONDAYS 3:15-4:00 – Children will work on developing basic motor skills, spatial awareness and overall coordination. In addition, children will have exposure to skills on tumbling, balance beam, parallel bars, and springboard.

  • Sessions: F, W, S
  • Min 6 Max 12
  • Director: Krista Delaney
  • Age: 4 years through kindergarten

TUESDAYS 3:30-4:00 – Elementary teacher Mrs. Anderson will introduce the joy of literature exposing students to various genres including folk tales, fables, tall tales, and short stories. All new stories this year so children may want to take the class again. Book group discussion and fun activities will make this ASE one the children will love. The focus will be on nurturing a love of reading, developing vocabulary, and comprehension. Students will also be introduced to literary vocabulary often seen on standardized tests. Some reading aloud will take place during the class, but parents may also be asked to read short stories to their children at home if they are not yet reading fluently. NOTE: Kindergarten students who participate in this program do not need to be picked up at 3:15.

  • Sessions: F, W, S
  • Min 6 Max 15
  • Director: Kim Anderson
  • Age: Kindergarten and 1st Grade Students

Kindergarten-2nd Grade ASE

THURSDAYS 3:30-4:00 – Students will learn various embroidery stitches and sewing fundamentals.  They will create their own designs and then transfer them to handmade projects that they get to take home. The children not only love hand stitching but it also improves their hand/eye coordination, concentration, attention to detail, while developing an appreciation for a new level of creativity. Kindergarten children do not need to be picked up at 3:15.

  • Sessions: F Only
  • Min 5 Max 8
  • Directors: Kim Shultz and Berkley Lane
  • Age: Kindergarten to 2nd grade

Stitches and sewing classes for kids

WEDNESDAYS 3:30-4:00 – Does your child like to eat and be in the kitchen? If the answer to this question is yes then we are offering a class that could be a perfect fit! Mrs. Delaney will lead a class every Wednesday from 3:30 – 4:00 with food as a focus. Children will participate in preparing simple “cuisine” that they will prepare and eat each day in class and may even bring home some recipes that you can help them prepare at home. Kindergarten children do not need to be picked up at 3:15.

NOTE: Ingredients that will be used may include: dairy, wheat, soy, eggs. If your child has allergies to these ingredients you should consider other ASE options as this will not be a good choice for your child. 

  • Sessions: W only (Sign up can be found on the January calendar)
  • Min 5 Max 8
  • Director: Krista Delaney
  • Age: Kindergarten to 2nd grade

Cooking lessons for kids

Elementary/Middle School ASE

Fall Session: MONDAYS 3:30-4:15 –  Engineering and Design: Students will be introduced to the design process including brainstorming, designing, building, testing, evaluating, revising and sharing. Some products the students may design include a watercraft, a miniature zipline, and a homemade “bionic arm”.

  • Sessions: F Only
  • Min 5 Max 12
  • Director: Sean Doyle
  • Age: 3rd through 6th Grades

TUESDAYS 3:30-4:00 – This class will not be a review of basics or math skill drills, but rather a digging into math problem solving using different math competition questions. Problems will involve critical and divergent thinking and help to develop good problem solving skills. Great for students who love math or need to build up their math solving strategies.

  • Sessions: F Only
  • Min 5 Max 12
  • Directors: Taylor Wesenberg and Wendy Calise
  • Age: 4th through 6th Grades

After School Enrichment

WEDNESDAYS 3:30-4:00 – Mellow out with Certified Yoga Instructor, Ms. O’Malley! Children will learn about body awareness, self-control, and mindfulness through traditional yoga poses and breathing exercises. Gain a strong body and a calm mind with this introduction to yoga designed specifically for pre-teens and teens.

  • Sessions: F Only
  • Min 5
  • Director: Katie O’Malley
  • Age: 3rd through 8th Grades

Yoga for Kids

THURSDAYS 3:30-4:00 – Elementary Sports Skills will provide in-depth experience with some of the more popular, seasonal sports. Drills will go beyond those done in P.E. class to incorporate a larger skill set and will teach the inner-workings of each sport, including rules, competition, and situational strategies. Always underlying is the development of our student-athletes as competent team players and polished competitors for any sport. Sports to be offered by season are, but not limited to:

Fall Session: Soccer and American Football

Winter Session: Volleyball, Basketball, Floor Hockey

Spring Session: Baseball, Track & Field, Racquet Sports

  • Sessions: F, W, S
  • Min 6 Max 30
  • Director: Guy Calise
  • Age: 1st through 6th Grades

TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS 4:00-4:30 – Chorale is planning for an exciting year of singing, with performances for the annual Winter Concert and Memorial Day Concert, with additional performances in community outreach concerts throughout the year. Students in Chorale perform a wide variety of music in two-and three-part harmony while exploring classical, folk, and popular styles; they also will learn the foundations of choral singing, compose songs for the group, and gain experience singing in foreign languages.

  • Sessions: F, W, S
  • Min 6
  • Director: Joe Francavilla
  • Age: 4th through 8th Grades (3rd Grade students are invited to inquire about joining through audition)


16 months – 3 years


Pre-K / Kindergarten:
3 – 6 years


6 – 12 years


Middle School:
12 – 14 years


For more information on our programs, please follow the links below:

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